Communicate effectively with parents.

Is your school struggling to send out letters, emails and tweets for your trips, assemblies and other updates?

We're building a service which will help schools to communicate with parents in an effective manner. Instead of struggling to manage prefrences for every parent and sending it out to the right channels, we can take that weight off your shoulders. Just input your school updates in once and have it automatically send to all your parents.

We're not quite ready yet...

We're still building Teacher to Parent but you can sign up now to get a free personalised demo for your school and 10% off your first year.

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We're aiming to have the service ready for launch before schools finish up for summer (June 2020).

Who are you?

We're two friends who have had an idea to improve the way communication works from schools to parents, after experiencing issues with it a few years ago when we were in school.

I'm Duncan, I'm the software developer and technical brains behind how everything works. I run a small digital agency called Double Three Digital.

And I'm James, I do the marketing, the accounting and I help to make sure we have enough cash to float the boat 🚣‍♂️.

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